Juggernauts top 10 on Fantasy Pros ECR rankings for week 14.

As Shaun Bott and Joey Palazzolo relentlessly compete against the top experts in fantasy football with a possible place at the table in Fantasypros.com expert consensus on the line. Grinding against experts assembled from across the industry on their consensus rankings system specifically designed to see who the most accurate in the world  are on a week to week basis. Pitting 120 plus nation wide panel of experts against each other for industry supremacy. Our experts placed in the top ten for week fourteen and both had some very notable achievements this week…

Joey Palazzolo


First up, the higher ranked Joey Palazzolo who finished week 14 on fire and ended up placing fourth overall out of 120+ experts world wide. Joey absolutely crushed wide receiver this week and only one other expert finished higher in the rankings then he did. However, his most brilliant play was being one of only eight experts not to take a minus 36 on David Johnson this week, against a Miami defense that was getting drilled by running backs leading up to that contest and was the defining move that turned a top ten finish into a top five week.  


 While netting only two top accuracy titles for Tyler Boyd and Rashad Jennings, Joey didn’t quite receive the fame he was owed for his fourth place overall ranking as he tied on several other players for top accuracy with other experts, essentially sharing titles on several other players for top expert. Overall, his fourth place overall and second place wide receiver finish are both in season high’s for the Juggernauts.

Shaun Bott

Shaun finished in 9th for the week and, if not for leaving Julio Jones and Michael Thomas high in his rankings before rankings locked at the start of Sundays noon contests, he would have been a lot higher up in the final standings and to his defense, unlike the other experts we have day jobs we have to go too, Shwe do this because we love it.

shauntop10Even with the Jones and Thomas blunders, Shaun still managed to finish in 4th place at the WR position as he nailed top expert on a ridiculous five wide receivers this week essentially calling the production of Taylor Gabriel, Pierre Garcon, and Anquan Bolden, while also being the expert who had Larry Fitzgerald and Kelvin Benjamin the lowest in his rankings, essentially predicting their busts to the T, one could only imagine where he would have finished if he had adjusted Jones and Thomas before noon’s kickoff. shauntop10pos1

Although that was not even his best position group at wide receiver, he completely crushed the QB rankings for week 14 and if not for having too much Confidence in Sam Bradford, he would could have easily been number one this week.

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