Disecting the top RB’s



With over half the league employing a “by committee” approach, not only to try and keep guys healthy, but to also utilize each individual strength at the position in order to maximize offensive efficiency. Elite three down backs should be sought after early in most formats but which ones should you focus on?

      Let us discuss some potential elite situations this year and also some potential, at risk situations that you may want to avoid all together in your fantasy drafts, here are my thoughts on some of the players in the RB top 10…

Potential Elite in 2016:

  • Todd Gurley: In the Jeff Fischer style of offense that has blessed us with great running backs like Eddie George and Chris Johnson in his prime, you can take it to the bank that the game plan is to feature Gurely early and often throughout the season. The Rams oline was a mess when it came to running the ball and Gurley’s amazing skill set bailed them out quite often during 2015. With a slight improvememt from the oline run blocking and more emphasis on running the football with, rookie number one overall pick Jared Goff, projected to win the starting job in the pre-season, even though he has stingy competition from the always gritty, Case Keenum. As long as Gurley is healthy, he remains an elite top 5 option at running back and has a very rare range of skill sets to use in opperation. Dominating opposing defenses even when he rushes behind the 24th ranked run blocking oline in the NFL last season. Amazing.
  • Lamar Miller: After a mediocre 2015, in which fantasy owners of the explosive back were left slightly dissapointed and blue balled yet again with Miller’s inconsistent play in fantasy. The Dolphins coaching staff (who has since been fired), for whatever reason, did not believe that Miller was capable of three down RB duties. However, playing against the team he signed with as a free agent in 2016,  Miller torched Houston’s defense last year to the tune of 35 fantasy points in standard league settings. Joining David Johnson (40), Devonte Freeman (37), and Thomas Rawls (36) as the only RB’s to score 35 or more fantasy points in a single game last season. However, what will really make your jaw drop is how Miller’s big game is in a league of his own when compared to the other three aforementioned running backs…..


Total touches by running backs with a 35+ point fantasy game in 2015.

        –David Johnson: 40 fantasy points on 33 total touches.

        – Devonte Freeman: 37 fantasy points on 35 total touches

        – Thomas Rawls: 36 fantasy points on 33 total touches.

        -Lamar Miller: 35 fantasy points on 17 total touches. 

 Did you catch it? 17 total touches!! To amass 175 rushing yards, 61 receiving yards, and 2 touchdowns, ALL IN THE FIRST HALF. Which is by far the best rushing performance of the 2015 season by a running back, check out a few of the highlights in that game with this video highlight reel by nfl.com. The vision, the break away speed, the elusiveness to evade tacklers. What in the hell was Miami smoking essentially trading, but not actually trading,  Miller for injury prone Arian Foster? Idiots.

  • Eddie Lacy: Lacy, like all the Packers offense, opperates at its best like a well oiled machine when everyone is healthy. Lacy, came into camp last season waaay overweight and out of shape. In the NFL, if guys do not take the game seriously in the offseason they tend to fall flat on their faces the following year. However, like all oiled machines, they are at their peak performance when ALL the parts are performing at a high level and the devistating injury to Jordy Nelson was devistating to the pack’s offense as a whole. Clearly showing in Aaron Rodgers AND Randall Cobb looking down right terrible at times with out their number one wide receiver and throwing behind a very shaky line that finished the year 20th overall. Uncharacteristically, the Packers offense played from behind way more than usual in 2015 which forced them to the air playing catch up and moving away from running the ball. Legitiamately explaining why Lacy was not a factor even at the end of last year. He appears to have righted the ship in 2016, reporting into training camp in phenomenal shape, perhaps best he’s ever been in as a pro, which leads us to believe that Lacy is incredibly motivated to continue being a Packer after seasons end but also is serious about cashing in on a contract year in which he looked really bad the season before. With the Packers oline and Nelson getting healthy in the offseason, it appears the frustrations from last season will be taken out on opposing defenses in 2016. The motor has been rebuilt and is ready to roar, so draft Lacy at a value in the 2nd or 3rd round and enjoy the RB-1 performance he is surely capable of displaying.


  • Latavius Murray: Like Miller, Murray was not used as much in the offense like other typical number one RB’s. Although Murray’s usage was not due to poor coaching decisions, but more because of game flows, Oaklands defense showed its potential, but overall was just awful last season, which lead to lots of Derek Carr slinging it down field playing catch up.                   With Oakland beefing up, not only their defense (notable adds: Sean Smith and Bruce Irving), but spending a ton of money upgrading their 20+ ranked offensive line and after taking 80% of the snaps last year, Murray is primed to explode with Oakland having the BEST strength of schedule for opposing defenses vs RB’s based on last years numbers. Murray is my top break out candidate of the year this year for running backs, so mark him up from his ADP of 39 and enjoy!

Potential RB’s to avoid:

  • David Johnson: Arians is an old school head coach who seemingly gets his rocks off, on making young players pay their dues and earn their playing time, in which he’s part of the Bear Bryant coaching tree, that has an almost 50 year old quote that says, “coach em hard and hug em later!”. There is no denying that David Johnson is by far one of the most talented backs in the NFL’s future and he is definitely not the reason why I am putting him here. Johnson is being listed as the number ONE overall runningback in lots of mainstream rankings and his ADP has him currently at RB-3 status overall, just behind Todd Gurley and Adrian Peterson. With everyone saying, that he is one of the top selections if not THE top selection to win the RB crown for 2016. Although, I dont see that happeneing just yet and it is because of the coach he plays for. Johnson committed 4 fumbles last year in minimal playing time, all of which lead him straight to the bench to think about what he’s done. In a no BS system like Arians’ it doesnt matter if you’re the hero of the team or the rookie, if you mess up then your ass is grass. With that being said, Arians has even said that he favors a blend of veteran leadership coupled with young talent to make the perfect blend! After hearing that, people like myself tend to read further into that line of thinking trying to read the fine print and ultimately decide whether or not the coach is full of shit or no bull shit, he’s clearly no bull shit. David Johnson not only has one veteran who’s busted his ass for Arians since the beginning, Andre Ellington, but also has to compete with Chris Johnson, one of the fastest EVER forty times recorded at the combine. Sure CJ has gotten older and may have lost a step or two, but he has ONE fumble in his last 3 seasons in the NFL. Now that may not seem like a big difference to most new age coaches in the NFL, 4 fumbles compared to zero for one season, but Arians is apart of a dying breed of head coaches (thankfully Todd Bowles carries on the legacy as sophomore coach of the New York Jets), which means that he is going to make every player earn their playing time, every day, and every game! If DJ has a bad opening drive leading off with a fumble, he could be yanked in favor of  either CJ or Ellington. Which in my opinion, makes him a risky draft where he’s being drafted because when you draft a RB in the top ten of your draft, you expect at least 10 points a week from the guy.  There aint nothing worse than spending a top 10 pick on C.J. Anderson last year only to watch him stuck in the mid in the middle of a RB platoon all season. Call me crazy, but im shying away from the young stud as the number 3 overall running back (ADP) soley based on his coaches stubborn coaching style. Giants fans know what I am talking about having to deal with the complicated Tom Coughlin for so many years, in re draft leagues it is probably a better idea to take the safest pick possible with the most consistent week to week potential, winning fantasy titles more closely resembels a marathon and not the 40 yard dash. 
  • LeVeon Bell: Even before Bell’s suspension last week, Steelers head coach was quoted as saying that they may begin to enploy a running back by committee during the off-season that includes player reborn, DeAngello Williams. Seeing as Bell cannot seem to stay on the field, whether it be because of injury or jack assery like missing 7 drug tests, idiot. LeVeon Bell’s elite status is in serious peril at the moment because if Williams comes out of the gate firing like he did last season when Bell served his two game suspension after getting busted with LeGarrett Blount (who was cut by steelers in correspondimg move), that will be the second time in concecutive years he would have saved the team from Bell. We could see the Pittsburgh high octane offense mold into a featured 1-2 wam bam approach at the running back position. Seeing as Bell will have officially missed 17 total games due to injury or suspension since 2013 when he returns in week 5, yikes!
  • Lesean Mccoy: The veteran back has put together a pretty nice career with his craftiness and quick first step out of the back field. Although McCoy has been around for a while, I am by no means predicting a decline in the 28 year old RB’s production due to age as the reason for having him here. It’s because the Bills have THE HARDEST strength of schedule for RB’s this season, based on last years defensive statistics, which is not good news for Shady. A tough player who has been showing his mileage playing through injuries (and sometimes missing small amounts of time) the last couple years. His ADP is currently at 25, far too high for me to take a chance on a starting RB with the turbulant hit or miss option like what McCoy will be with the level of talented defenses they are going to play in 2016. Instead, go after Thomas Rawls, who’s ADP currently sits at 28 and features opponents from the NFC South (Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, and Tampa) and the AFC East. Whereas, Shady is up against 6 of the top 10 D-lines measure in total yards per game allowed in 2015. (1. Seahawks, 2. Jets, 5. Steelers, 6. Cardinals, and 7. Bengals). Then factor in two games against the Patriots (and #2 ranked Jets) who check in as the 9th rated rush defense they get to play twice a year being in the same division and all. Not to mention, a potentially vastly improved Oakland (13th) rush defense and no push over line in Baltimore (12th). It is a schedule that could make any owner get turned off on a player especialliay when a guy 4 slots behind him plays 6 teams (2 teams twice in their own divison, Rams and 49ers), who rank 20th or worse against the run in 2015. RUN FORREST RUUUUUN!

Author: Shaun “The Don”


Fantasy Football young guns; Who’s high risk and who’s got the highest reward for 2016? 

     With the abundance of young blood introduced into the NFL’s quarterback position the past couple of seasons, it’s easy to wonder who’s going to continue to rise and who will fall. The rising stars of the NFL’s future includes; Kirk Cousins, Blake Bortles, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Derek Carr, Brock Osweiler, and unproven rookies Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, so a lot of potential for sure. Here we will provide two picks you can feel comfortable taking and two picks to stay away from when it comes time to drafting your fantasy football quarterbacks. So here we go…


Derek Carr

 -Is my top pick for safest young quarterback moving forward for many different reasons. The first, in which no one talks about is the fact that Oakland spent a small fortune on beefing up their offensive line during the off-season. Throw in a dynamite wide receiving corps of young stud Amari Cooper and resurgent veteran Michael Crabtree, he has some very appealing options that are more then capable of handling heavy workloads during a grueling NFL season. Not to mention, a running back who’s got explosive potential out of the backfield in Latavius Murray, who forces defenses to respect the Raiders run game enough to open up the passing game more down field and give this offense the near perfect mix of what you look for in a high powered fantasy point whoring offense.

  Derek, who practically lived at the Texans facility when older brother David Carr was supposed to be the Texans “franchise quarterback”, was introduced to a NFL locker room much younger than your traditional NFL players in the league. David’s greatest career accomplishment certainly wont be as the first overall draft selection, but more as a coach for his kid brother Derek who, appears to have soaked up all the advice as he could and it’s going to pay off in a big way. 

Jameis Winston:


-Before his rookie campaign kicked off, Winston was doing an interview called “Rookie Confessional” for NFL.com and was asked, “Who are you most looking forward to playing in 2015?”, the rookie, who had not even taken an NFL snap yet made everyone watching instantly go wide eyed with disbelief upon revealing his answer saying, “The player I’m most looking forward to play against has to be, probably J.J. Watt,” Winston said. “We play them Week 3 in Houston I believe. It’s going to be a fun matchup right there!”. 

Considering his opponent, he avoided being sacked and even ended Watt’s 7 game streak of at least one sack or more which dated back to the 2014 season. Although the bucs lost that game to the Texans, Winston made his mark with his quick decision making (regardless of right or wrong), fast release, and ability to avoid taking sacks in the pocket, which made him look like an elite NFL quarterback in training.

Out of the quarterbacks that played all 16 games in 2015, Winston took 27 sacks which tied him for 4th fewest in the league for sacks taken, which is pretty incredible considering his rookie status and his average o-line play in pass protection. He also had a sack percentage (percentage of time sacked when attempting a pass) of 4.8 which was good enough for the 6th ranked QB in the NFL but the interesting twist here is that the quarterbacks who ranked higher than Winston in both statistics mentioned above, had an Offensive line rated very comfortably in the top 10 for pass protection in 2015. The Bucs ranking? An average Joe 14th overall.
Blake Bortles:

– Bortles had an awesome fantasy line last year, which was largely inflated by the fact that the Jaguars were terrible on defense and had little to no success in the run game. With TJ Yeldon proving, he is nothing more than a platoon running back which led the Jags to sign a very solid veteran who is also really good when used in moderation in Chris Ivory. The run game is looking more and more like it will eat into the game plan this year and that will come at Bortles fantasy expense. 

Out of the quarterbacks who started all 16 games last season, Bortles was the second worst in completion percentage bettering only Jameis Winston at 58.6%. Bortles, who was drafted almost 4 years ago, threw almost 100 more attempts, plays in a high octane offense under Gus Bradley that relied on high Volume passing to stay in games last season and the biggest xfactor of them all? Bortles threw all of 59 passes the entire 2016 season when the Jaguars had the lead. Yikes!

Along with a revamped defense its widely speculated that the Jags won’t be getting blown out as much this year so based on the current game trends he is my number one choice for biggest regression this year amongst the young QB’s.

Marcus Mariota:

– Mariota has the tools you look for in an NFL qb, he has the poise, he has the tough ability to get over a bad play he made very quickly and has overall elite athleticism for the QB position. However, the history of the quarterback who runs also shows there are very few who actually can do it for long periods of time. The main reason why he is here on this list is the simple fact that Tennessee’s o-line has been absolutely terrible, ranking 32nd in overall line play for 2015. They did add a few average pieces to their offensive line to try to improve that dead last ranking, but adding guys like Ben Jones doesn’t exactly strike fear into opposing defenses. 

    The Titans also added DeMarco Murray and drafted Alabama stud running back Derrick Henry in the NFL draft a couple months ago it appears that Tennessee is going to run the ball more in 2016 in order to protect their franchise qb from injury.

He got banged up in his rookie season and missed 3 games due to injury, largely because his o-line failed to protect him. Mariota took 38 sacks in 12 games and had a 9.0 sack percent rating (times sacked per pass attempt), a rating bad enough for dead last amongst NFL quarterbacks. Robert Griffin III had a 7.1 rating his rookie season with 31 sacks and had an even lower sack rating in 2014 at 13.7, where injuries and mindset have led the once elite prospect to where he is today, just an afterthought and perhaps his last opportunity in the qb grave yard that is the Cleveland Browns.While I do believe in the man (Mariota), it is the situation he is in that will hinder his growth in 2016.


Author: Shaun “the don”

Draft Strategy: CHECK, RAISE, FOLD.

      Fantasy Football and Poker are very similar in nature. While some (most likely noobs) would refer to both as an act of ‘gambling,’ we Juggernauts fully understand the difference between ‘Pure chance’ and ‘Skill-chance’. In order to become elite, you must rely on your skills, experience and of course be selective with the knowledge you absorb. In other words, you must know when to hold ‘em, and (before it’s too late) know when to fold ‘em.

Using the current fantasy football ADP (average draft position) we will go over a few players that stand out from the rest. Each player will be given one of three tags;

1) Check – meaning that we hold, the ADP fairly matches the players projected value and therefore we stand tight

2) Raise – signifies a player that we see greater value than where they are currently going in most drafts.

3) Fold – these are players that we feel will not live up to their current draft position, and given where there are going, will most likely not be on any of our rosters.
Make sense? Good.

Now, let’s get to it….

Joey “Joker” picks

Dion Lewis ADP: 47

RAISE Dion Lewis is currently going number 47 overall, essentially the 20th RB off the board. This is around the same ADP as Jeremy Langford, Matt Jones, and DeMarco Murray. Lewis was off to a hot start last year as one of the main focal points in the New England offense. He was waiver wire gold. Unfortunately, Lewis suffered a season ending injury during week 7 leaving owners searching for a replacement. 

     Before the injury, Lewis was on pace for: Receiving: 82 receptions, 880 receiving yards, 5 TD’s & Rushing: 534 yards, 5 TD’s. These are terrific numbers that would make Lewis a top 5 overall RB. When it comes to PPR leagues (point per reception), Lewis is a sure RAISE and can be taken with confidence a round or two earlier.

Drew Brees ADP: 62

RAISE Drew Brees might be my man crush all day every day. The dude is the definition of consistency. Since Brees joined the Saints in 2006 (10 years), he has averaged a ridiculous 4,850 yards and almost 35 TD’s per season (all while missing only 2 games). 

    Currently the gun slinger is being drafted as the 6th QB off the board (number 62 overall). This is behind the likes of Big Ben (59) and Andrew Luck (48). Just for a simple comparison, and laughs while you’re at it; in the last 10 years, Big Ben has averaged 3,800 yards and 24 TD’s (career high of 32). 

 Allen Robinson ADP: 16

FOLD Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Allen Robinson. He is a freak athlete with elite WR talent. The issue is that he is currently going number 16 overall in most drafts. That’s too high. Last season Robinson tied for the league lead in receiving TD’s with 14. Impressive indeed but hardly repeatable. 

     The Jaguars were the ultimate garbage time team as Blake Bortles (who led the league in interceptions) aired it out in order to give his team a fighting chance as they trailed early and often. With the new RB help (addition of Chris Ivory) and an improved defense, the likelihood of Allen Robinson repeating last year’s totals are slim. At 16 overall, no thank you.  Give me Keenan Allen (19 overall), or Mike Evans (21).

Shaun “The Don” picks

Cam Newton     ADP: 30 

CHECK Cam had a great year last year and you could argue that if Carolina played ANY other team than the Broncos they probably would have won the Superbowl. However, the Panthers in 2016, minus top corner Josh Norman, have a much tougher schedule this year with much better defenses then they played in 2015.      Expecting the self proclaimed, “Superman”, to repeat last year’s magical run to the big game is far fetched because he is not able to feast on AFC South bottom of the barrel defenses this year, AND his own divison which sucks butt also. Which does not make him very appealing as a high draft pic, even with the gaudy stats he put up in 2016.

      Although,  he does get his favorite target back from injury, the beast that is Kelvin Benjamin, which means that Cam is still an elite option at quarterback and is a solid pick up right where his ADP is, which is in the middle to late third round in non keeper league formats.

Arian Foster.    ADP: 100. 

  RAISE The Dolphins essentially trade for Foster with out actually trading for him, swapping Lamar Miler, who signed with Houston at the beginning of free agency and now Foster has signed with Miami. I don’t care what anyone says, if Foster is healthy (even for the time being) Ajayi does not have any shot at the starting role out of the gate. 

     Foster a few years ago was easily the number one overall pick in Fantasy drafts and has an incredibly unique blend of elusive cutting and preemptive field vision to be an elite running back even if he’s lost a step due to injuries. Currently, his ADP sits at 100, which is sure to change with the news of his signing yesterday, so mark him up in your draft to around 60-70 and enjoy his elite skill set for half the season. 

CJ Anderson   ADP: 36

FOLD Anderson came through for the Broncos in the playoffs last year and was rightfully rewarded for being the best player on offense en route to an always elusive Superbowl title. 

    However, with the way things are shaping up for the Broncos with Mark Sanchez pegged as their starter at Quarterback to date, not too much is expected from their passing game this year which typically results in opposing defenses loading the box bringing heavy blitzes forcing the offense to beat them at their weak point,  through the air. He has never really been good when teams stack the box against him, he’s tough and can make good cuts but does not have the break away speed to outrun a loaded box to the edge of the line. Not to mention, he plays in a division loaded with atheleteicly talented defenses and I would actually recommend taking his division rival in Oakland who’s ADP currently sits at 37, one behind CJ’s.

      With the Raiders quietly spending boat loads of cash on their O-line during the offseason, Latavious Murray has the opportunity to finish this year as a top 5 running back in Fantasy for 2016 and is easily one of my top break out candidate’s for 2016.


 Joey “the joker” 

Shaun “the don”

Wide out heaven, running back hell.

Odell Beckham Jr

    When it comes to choosing the best choice in the front end of the draft, you should be zeroed in on Odell Beckham Jr. In his first 25 games in the league, OBJ’s stats already have him ahead of NFL god Jerry Rice and where his stats were 25 games in, which is insane considering the fact that Rice is hands down the best wide receiver to EVER play the game. 

  Even though Eli Manning has his moments and Victor Cruz returning from a two year injury hiatus and the G-men drafting another stud wide receiver in Sterling Shepherd for head coach Ben McAdoo’s gun slinger style system. Beckham is the catalyst to this offense and he will be the premium fuel that makes this motor continue to hum in 2016.

Ezekiel Elliot 

    A potential first round bust this year that no one is talking about is Ezekiel Elliot. I know, I know, everyone is saying that he is bullet proof and will be the next Emmitt Smith running behind this Cowboy O-line which IS by far the best O-line in football. Although, if the facts of history tell us anything it tells us that by taking a running back in the top 5 of the NFL draft is a MAJOR risk. 

   Since 1995 only TWO running backs taken there have gone on to have hall of fame careers (LaDanian Tomlinson and Jamal Lewis), who both were drafted 15 plus years ago.

    The only back to have a good career since then as a starter was Edgerrin James, he also had the luxory of playing with one of the best QB’s in history during the prime of his career in Peyton Manning. The rest includes big time busts, Ki-Jana Carter, Curtis Enis, Ricky Williams, Ronnie Brown, Cedric Benson, Cadillac Williams, Reggie Bush, Darren McFadden, and Trent Richardson.       

   The NFL is a different game than college, every single one of these running backs dominated college football and every one of the “experts” hyped them up just as much as they are hyping up Elliot now. Not to mention, the Cowboys have a very crafty veteran on the roster named Alfred Morris, if Elliot struggles early this could evolve into a by committee rotation for Elliots rookie season as the Cowboys RB situation was last year.

   In Washington last year, Matt Jones was supposed to be the guy because his talent dwarfed Morris’ but  the smart veteran back managed to steal the job away from the overconfident rookie and take back his starting role.

   However, he is a must own in Keeper/Dynasty leagues just based on the potential of what his future may hold in Dallas if he can evolve into what everyone believes he can be, a top 5 back in fantasy for years to come barring injury of course. Proceed with caution in non keeper based leagues and maybe go with a more proven running back situation elsewhere early on in your draft.

Kelvin Benjamin

   Littered with underrated talent in the top 100, a little luck can provide borderline elite talent. In some cases, you can find top 20 values in the fourth and fifth rounds with the right selections on draft day. Kelvin Benjamin could be that guy this year and is averaging in the mid 40’s to mid-50’s, depending on whose rankings you look at.

  Benjamin’s sophomore season was lost when he blew out his knee in training camp and no one seemed to notice because of how well Cam Newton played last year leading the team to the Superbowl. The uber talented wide out was a close second place for rookie of the year the season before, behind none other than Odell Beckham Jr. In any other year with the 1,000 plus yards receiving and 10 plus TD’s he put up in his rookie campaign, he would have won that award. 

      With Cam, who loves throwing up the jump ball to his receivers (tallest average height in the league) and is one of the more accurate passers in the league Benjamin’s elite athleticism and huge hands allow for him to make spectacular catches for big gains. During his rookie season he was  Cam Newton’s favorite red zone target by far and he was a beast between the 20’s so mark him up on your draft board a round and enjoy first round talent at a discount.


Devonta Freeman

  Every year someone who is highly touted coming into the season falls flat on their face the following season, Eddie Lacy and CJ Anderson are prime examples of this last year. NFL football is constantly changing colors and if guys dont keep their game up they can fall and burn fantasy owners in the top of their drafts. A potential candidate to free fall in 2016 is Devonte Freeman, a guy who took 2015 by storm scoring seemingly at will in the beginning of the season and was the highest scoring fantasy football player in most formats through week 8 (4.7 YPC and 9 TD) but after week 8 (3.1 YPC and 2 TD) tells a much different story about his progression coming into the 2016 season. His season splits for 2015 provide a very alarming possibility of what may come with Freeman in the top of drafts with “experts” having him going as early as the 8th pick overall, yikes! 

  The culprit? Tevin Coleman, Atlanta has a 3rd round draft pick invested in the young running back and he was hand-picked by the coaching staff to be the running back of the future. Do you honestly think that the Falcons are going to have a long leash with Freeman who is not in the immediate future plans of the offense? 

    If Coleman can stay healthy and continue to perform at his 4.5 yards per carry average on 80 plus carries in 2015 he is going to win the starting job, which he held coming into the season before breaking his ribs. Freeman at best will be a committee fill in when Coleman needs a breather but for now he is the main man in a Kyle Shanahan led offense that loves to feature a power run game inside the 20’s but the writting is on the wall here and Freeman’s starter status is in serious jeopardy and would even advise trading him while his value is still high.

Contact info:

Shaun fantasyfootballjuggernauts@gmail.com

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Top 100 Fantasy Football Rankings 2016 (pre-training camp)

The 2016 Fantasy Football season is upon us and with the initial release of the pre-training camp Top 100 comes a generalized view of what to look for as the pre-season unfolds and will discuss a couple players situations to keep an eye on so you can better prepare leading up to your fantasy draft.
With NFL teams looking to throw the ball down field more it has opened the door for elite wide receivers to take over the top spots in the rankings that has widely been dominated by running backs in years past. Players like Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., Julio Jones, and DeAndre Hopkins were able to put up quarterback like numbers for fantasy owners regularly last year, so with out further delay here are our pre-training camp top 100 rankings.

1. Adrian Peterson MIN
2. Antonio Brown PIT
3. Julio Jones ATL
4. Odell Beckham Jr. NYG
5. David Johnson ARI
6. Le’Veon Bell PIT
7. Todd Gurley LA
8. Jamaal Charles KC
9. Lamar Miller HOU
10. Ezekiel Elliott DAL
11. Allen Robinson JAX
12. DeAndre Hopkins HOU
13. Aaron Rodgers GB
14. Thomas Rawls SEA
15. Rob Gronkowski NE
16. Doug Martin TB
17. A.J. Green CIN
18. Dez Bryant DAL
19. Mark Ingram NO
20. Brandon Marshall NYJ
21. Alshon Jeffery CHI
22. Mike Evans TB
23. LeSean McCoy BUF
24. Eddie Lacy GB
25. Devonta Freeman ATL
26. Cam Newton CAR
27. Matt Forte NYJ
28. Keenan Allen SD
29. Kelvin Benjamin CAR
30. Amare Cooper OAK
31. Carlos Hyde SF
32. Doug Baldwin SEA
33. Julian Edelman NE
34. Russell Wilson SEA
35. Jordan Reed WAS
36. Demaryius Thomas DEN
37. T.Y. Hilton IND
38. Andrew Luck IND
39. Golden Tate DET
40. Randall Cobb GB
41. Latavius Murray OAK
42. Sammy Watkins BUF
43. Greg Olsen CAR
44. Matt Jones WAS
45. Drew Brees NO
46. Jeremy Maclin KC
47. Carson Palmer ARI
48. Jarvis Landry MIA
49. Eric Decker NYJ
50. Michael Floyd ARI
51. Jordan Matthews PHI
52. Ben Roethlisberger PIT
53. Torrey Smith SF
54. Jeremy Hill CIN
55. DeVante Parker MIA
56. Jay Ajayi MIA
57. Dion Lewis NE
58. Emmanuel Sanders DEN
59. Dorial Green-Beckham TEN
60. Allen Hurns JAX
61. David Carr OAK
62. Giovani Bernard CIN
63. Ameer Abdullah DET
64. Jeremy Langford CHI
65. Delanie Walker TEN
66. Travis Kelce KC
67. Gary Barnidge CLE
68. Donte Moncrief IND
69. Tom Brady NE
70. John Brown ARI
71. Tyler Lockett SEA
72. Kirk Cousins WAS
73. T.J. Yeldon JAX
74. Frank Gore IND
75. Eli Manning NYG
76. Justin Forsett BAL
77. Danny Woodhead SD
78. Karlos Williams BUF
79. Jameis Winston TB
80. Willie Sneed NO
81. Larry Fitzgerald ARI
82. Coby Fleener NO
83. Ladarius Green PIT
84. Blake Bortles JAX
85. LeGarrett Blount NE
86. Chris Ivory JAX
87. Stefon Diggs MIN
88. Marvin Jones DET
89. Melvin Gordon SD
90. Kevin White CHI
91. Isiah Crowell CLE
92. Tavon Austin LA
93. Darren Sproles PHI
94. DeSean Jackson WAS
95. Sterling Shepherd NYG
96. Marcus Mariota TEN
97. DeAngelo Williams PIT
98. DeMarco Murray TEN
99. Jared Cook GB
100. Ryan Mathews PHI