Week 4: Starts at each position

QB Trever Siemian DEN

Apparently the Tampa Bay Bucs have taken the torch from the 2015 New Orleans Saints and New York Giants for worst defense in the league title. They have already given up 100+ points in just THREE games so far this year. Honestly, I could probabaly make a case that all Broncos offensive players are my starts of the week but that wouldnt be any fun now would it? Yes, start D. Thomas, E. Sanders, and Cj Anderson.

RB Isiaha Crowell CLE

Crowell has been impressive thus far under Hue Jackson this year and appears to just be reving up with so much damage from injuries in the passing game for the Browns so far. In comes the Washington Redskins, the rush defense that so far has led to massive numbers for RBs so far and will bring with them their NFL worst, 10 rushing  touchdowns allowed so far in just THREE games, an average of a little more than 3 per game. Wow

WR Steve Smith Sr BAL

Steve Smith has been finding his groove of late, picking up little by little where he left off before his knee injury last season. I know everyone is high on Wallace right now, a guy who’s been snagging all the touchdowns of late, but Smith has proven the test of time as Joe Flacco’s most trusted receiver and has shown that in his target distribution the past couple weeks with Smith netting 26 targets over the first three games while gaining 60 yards in week two and 80+ yards against Jacksonville last week on 11 targets. The Raiders literally just played a game in Tennessee and now have to travel even further east to Baltimore for this one and not to mention Oakland is a bottom 5 defense versus the pass so far. Look for both Flacco and Smith to have huge games against this terrible secondary and rekindle some of that magic they had before both went down with season ending injuries. 

TE  Eric Ebron DET

Ebron has slowly been putting up solid numbers, while his performance is mostly touchdown dependant he remains a solid option in the Lions passing game. After Marvin Jones Jr’s amazing game last week he’s going to be getting a ton of attention from a banged up Bears defense this week. Look for Ebron to effortlessly have a great game this week as the Detroit ariel attack meets little resistance from Chicago.


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