Draft Strategy: Last pick gems that absolutely NO ONE is talking about, and they should be.

   It happens every season, guys that seemingly come out of nowhere to help take fantasy teams over the top and every year the national experts ALWAYS seem to go with the “sexy picks”, of which a good amount usually will pan out to some degree but the inconvenience of having to strategize your draft board accordingly as a once “sleeper pick”, rises up the draft board rankings that pick becomes harder and harder to make with so much other talent on the board where that players ADP sits.

   Here are three receivers no one is talking about that will be on every owners free agent radars after the first couple weeks of the season. In advance, here’s your oppprtunity to avoid annoying league waiver wire systems and get some very talented guys who will put up stats THIS YEAR!

Stills can possibly have a meteoric rise up the WR ranks in 2016.

Kenny Stills WR- Miami

-Stills has gotten very little attention so far in the fantasy football realm which is a huge tragedy, he not only is ahead of super talented but oft-injured devante parker on the depth chart, but also provides extremely valuable leadership to a Dolphins offense that desperately needs some. He has performed much better than Parker so far catching 5 passes for 117 yards and two touchdowns through 2 pre season games so far. With Stills making new head coach and offensive guru Adam Gase’s prolific arial assault look easy, he could be next in line in his new coaches storied list of thousand yard receivers as an Offensive coordinator. 

James (#81), at 6’7

260lbs, “JJ” is on the cusp of a break out season for the Black and Yellow.

Jesse James TE- Pittsburgh

– The big burley tight end that has been fermenting behind, since retired, Heath Miller and is ready to blow the doors off the fantasy world in a Steelers offense that loves to feature the tight end position over the middle. With all the question marks surrounding Ladarious Green and his merky future in the NFL, James could have the position all to himself and be looking at Miller’s old numbers around 70 receptions, 800 yards receiving, and 8 touchdowns this season, which is a great value at typically thin and inconsistent tight end position for fantasy owners.

Sanu (#12), while filling in for the injured Marvin Jones in Cincy during the 2014 season, set career highs with 56 REC, 790 YR, 5 TD’s, and 14.1 YPC.

Mohamed Sanu WR- Atlanta

-After battling for receptions in Cincy behind AJ Green, Tyler Eifert, and Marvin Jones, Sanu enters the best situation of his career playing opposite PPR god Julio Jones in an offense that has seen a once blossoming Quarterback in Matt Ryan, quickly fading into the NFL sunset. With Ryans notable struggles in the red zone these last few seasons, there’s no question he’s gonna opt for the safest throw on each possession for job security. The Falcons have been over using Julio Jones because there’s just simply been no one else to throw to. If Atlanta wants to keep Julio healthy this year,  they are going to need someone to help shoulder some of the receiving load, in comes Sanu. Look for him to tally around 80 receptions, 850 yards receiving, and around 7 touchdowns if Jones stays healthy, and if he doesnt? You just got a number one wide out with the last pick of your draft, congrats!

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