Wide out heaven, running back hell.

Odell Beckham Jr

    When it comes to choosing the best choice in the front end of the draft, you should be zeroed in on Odell Beckham Jr. In his first 25 games in the league, OBJ’s stats already have him ahead of NFL god Jerry Rice and where his stats were 25 games in, which is insane considering the fact that Rice is hands down the best wide receiver to EVER play the game. 

  Even though Eli Manning has his moments and Victor Cruz returning from a two year injury hiatus and the G-men drafting another stud wide receiver in Sterling Shepherd for head coach Ben McAdoo’s gun slinger style system. Beckham is the catalyst to this offense and he will be the premium fuel that makes this motor continue to hum in 2016.

Ezekiel Elliot 

    A potential first round bust this year that no one is talking about is Ezekiel Elliot. I know, I know, everyone is saying that he is bullet proof and will be the next Emmitt Smith running behind this Cowboy O-line which IS by far the best O-line in football. Although, if the facts of history tell us anything it tells us that by taking a running back in the top 5 of the NFL draft is a MAJOR risk. 

   Since 1995 only TWO running backs taken there have gone on to have hall of fame careers (LaDanian Tomlinson and Jamal Lewis), who both were drafted 15 plus years ago.

    The only back to have a good career since then as a starter was Edgerrin James, he also had the luxory of playing with one of the best QB’s in history during the prime of his career in Peyton Manning. The rest includes big time busts, Ki-Jana Carter, Curtis Enis, Ricky Williams, Ronnie Brown, Cedric Benson, Cadillac Williams, Reggie Bush, Darren McFadden, and Trent Richardson.       

   The NFL is a different game than college, every single one of these running backs dominated college football and every one of the “experts” hyped them up just as much as they are hyping up Elliot now. Not to mention, the Cowboys have a very crafty veteran on the roster named Alfred Morris, if Elliot struggles early this could evolve into a by committee rotation for Elliots rookie season as the Cowboys RB situation was last year.

   In Washington last year, Matt Jones was supposed to be the guy because his talent dwarfed Morris’ but  the smart veteran back managed to steal the job away from the overconfident rookie and take back his starting role.

   However, he is a must own in Keeper/Dynasty leagues just based on the potential of what his future may hold in Dallas if he can evolve into what everyone believes he can be, a top 5 back in fantasy for years to come barring injury of course. Proceed with caution in non keeper based leagues and maybe go with a more proven running back situation elsewhere early on in your draft.

Kelvin Benjamin

   Littered with underrated talent in the top 100, a little luck can provide borderline elite talent. In some cases, you can find top 20 values in the fourth and fifth rounds with the right selections on draft day. Kelvin Benjamin could be that guy this year and is averaging in the mid 40’s to mid-50’s, depending on whose rankings you look at.

  Benjamin’s sophomore season was lost when he blew out his knee in training camp and no one seemed to notice because of how well Cam Newton played last year leading the team to the Superbowl. The uber talented wide out was a close second place for rookie of the year the season before, behind none other than Odell Beckham Jr. In any other year with the 1,000 plus yards receiving and 10 plus TD’s he put up in his rookie campaign, he would have won that award. 

      With Cam, who loves throwing up the jump ball to his receivers (tallest average height in the league) and is one of the more accurate passers in the league Benjamin’s elite athleticism and huge hands allow for him to make spectacular catches for big gains. During his rookie season he was  Cam Newton’s favorite red zone target by far and he was a beast between the 20’s so mark him up on your draft board a round and enjoy first round talent at a discount.


Devonta Freeman

  Every year someone who is highly touted coming into the season falls flat on their face the following season, Eddie Lacy and CJ Anderson are prime examples of this last year. NFL football is constantly changing colors and if guys dont keep their game up they can fall and burn fantasy owners in the top of their drafts. A potential candidate to free fall in 2016 is Devonte Freeman, a guy who took 2015 by storm scoring seemingly at will in the beginning of the season and was the highest scoring fantasy football player in most formats through week 8 (4.7 YPC and 9 TD) but after week 8 (3.1 YPC and 2 TD) tells a much different story about his progression coming into the 2016 season. His season splits for 2015 provide a very alarming possibility of what may come with Freeman in the top of drafts with “experts” having him going as early as the 8th pick overall, yikes! 

  The culprit? Tevin Coleman, Atlanta has a 3rd round draft pick invested in the young running back and he was hand-picked by the coaching staff to be the running back of the future. Do you honestly think that the Falcons are going to have a long leash with Freeman who is not in the immediate future plans of the offense? 

    If Coleman can stay healthy and continue to perform at his 4.5 yards per carry average on 80 plus carries in 2015 he is going to win the starting job, which he held coming into the season before breaking his ribs. Freeman at best will be a committee fill in when Coleman needs a breather but for now he is the main man in a Kyle Shanahan led offense that loves to feature a power run game inside the 20’s but the writting is on the wall here and Freeman’s starter status is in serious jeopardy and would even advise trading him while his value is still high.

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7 thoughts on “Wide out heaven, running back hell.”

  1. Nice piece but Edgerrin James a good career? He is one of only 3 running backs since 1980 to have 4 – 1,500 yard seasons. The other two weren’t Jamaal Lewis or Tomlinson… just Barry Sanders and Eric Dickerson. Only Jim Brown, Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson, and James began their NFL career as back to back rushing champion in their 1st 2 years. Don’t do the national writer thing and put all that on Peyton Manning’s shoulders… https://taylorblitztimes.com/2013/01/19/edgerrin-james-belongs-in-the-hall-of-fame-from-the-_/


    1. I hear where you are coming from, i really do, but as a Texans/Oilers fan I got to watch them through the duration of their careers being division “Rivals”, James was really good but you have to admit that Manning did James’ career a HUGE service, just as he did Harrison and Wayne’s. He was the ultimate regular season quarterback seemingly knowing everything about opposing defenses calling out coverages and changing the play to attack the weak spot of the defense. I believe that James, and everyone who played on offense with Manning, were much better in their careers because of Manning be so special in the toughest position in pro sports. Although I do so your point and James did have some hall of fame numbers


      1. Peyton got way too much credit and people are waking up to the Hall Of Fame talent he had around him in his career in Marshall Faulk, Edgerrin James, and now Marvin Harrison goes in The Hall this weekend and Edge has been a finalist and should get in next year.


      2. We can agree to disagree my friend! If they all were so good then why werent they a dynasty? Because we Manning lost his edge in big games in the playoffs, none of these guys carried them. James was not even on the team for their lone superbowl win against the Bears. Arian Foster is a guy that comes to mind with similar skill as James, really good RB but never played with a good QB and he definitely wont make the hall unless he goes crazy jn Miami, even Andre Johnson is on the bubble for the hall. The reason edge and wayne, and, harrison are all being considered now it because of where Mannings career has taken him in Denver. Now a two time champ with two different teams, granted the Denver D got him that title but history wont remember that. You make very solid points and i wont say that you are wrong at all, very informed actually. We just have a different perspective of Manning’s value.


      3. Arian Foster as food as Edgerrin James?? I don’t think so….you’ll start to understand soon…. Peyton got a lot of credit for a lot of things that he didn’t just make happen. Especially once the talent was inferior


      4. Now I never said Foster was “just as good as James”, I merely referenced their ability as three down backs. Now that you mention it though, lets take a look at the numbers in terms of first 7 years in the league (coincidentally James’ span with colts and Foster has 7 years in the league)…

        Edgerren James:
        Games started: 96, rushes: 2188, rush yards: 9226, TD: 64, long: 74, yards per average rush: 4.2, rec: 356, yards: 2839, recTD:11, fumbles: 33.

        Arian Foster
        Gs: 68, rushes: 1454, yards: 6472, TD: 54, long: 74, y/a: 4.5, rec: 249, rec yards:2268, recTD: 14, fumbles: 17.

        By the numbers, Foster played in 28 LESS games than did James due to an injury plagued career but these numbers do not lie, if foster stayed healthy he would have smashed James numbers for the first seven years of their respective careers.

        James ran behind waaaay better olines than did foster, and played behind hall of famer manning. Whereas Foster had the likes of Matt Schaub, Case Keenum, Tom Savage, Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Malllet, and TJ Yates as quarterbacks and running behind mediocre olines his whole carrier (evident in his injury history). So after looking at the stats, Foster is actually better than Edgerrin, especially considering the 33 fumbles for James and only 17 for Foster for an almkst 6.5 fumbles a year for edgerren. Like i said, the guy was good but not hall of fame good.


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