Draft Analysis: Quarterbacks

Over the last couple of years, it’s been moderately cut and dry to point to a guy like Carson Wentz or Deshaun Watson and say; that guy is going to be good! Reviewing film this year hasn’t been nearly as simple and most were in similar spread offenses in college, ones that typically do not translate well to the NFL game. However, there’s still some intriguing talent in this QB class going forward and anyone of them could evolve into a franchise QB, but they need to be drafted by the right team and successfully be coached up for that to come to fruition.

Of the potential first-round picks I like Rosen, Darnold, and Jackson as potential first year starters with Rosen being my favorite overall but honestly believe they all should sit in 2018. In Jackson’s case, he seriously should consider a position change to wide receiver if he struggles early on at QB and not delay the inevitable like Tyrell Pryor did when he came into the league. Josh Allen should go in the first round, probably no later than the Buffalo Bills at number twelve as he’s got ideal size, massive hands, a cannon for an arm, and has the pedigree of a cold weather quarterback. Best value in my opinion must be Mike White, a guy who was on a bad offense at Western Kentucky but still managed to put up solid numbers despite incredible adversity issued to him by his team mates.

In conclusion, after breaking down this QB class through several hours of film study I believe teams with high first-round picks should be very careful if they are going quarterback. As many of these prospect’s will need the right coach, scheme, and players around them if they are to reach their full potential quickly. Continue reading below for individual QB analysis, top five quarterbacks, as well as my bold prediction top fifteen mock draft.

Sam Darnold – USC
6’4” 225lbs, Hand size: 9 3/8

• Deceptively shifty avoiding pressure in the pocket
• Elite feel of pressure at times
• Elite QB vision and surveys field well
• Very good in transition offense
• Zips passes to the seams & flats very well
• Short memory after a mistake
• Ideal NFL size for QB
• Great at making reads on the line of scrimmage
• Sets up beautiful pump fakes
• Not afraid to challenge defenses with his throws

• Can feel pressure that isn’t there leading to a rushed throw for INT
• Holds onto the ball too long at times resulting in sack fumbles
• Often not on the same page as his receivers
• Cocks back too hard when he’s about to throw, signals defenders

Analysis: Darnold is quite the enigma, he’s tough to get a read on simply because the PAC12 is not really known for its defense yet he had so many turnovers. On the other hand, he’ll lead a long drive down field making exciting plays all the way into the end zone. He works the seams of the field incredibly well and uses it to set up his deep balls and dumps to the flats very similar to Josh McCown.

Which leads me to believe Darnold is the Jets priority after trading with the Colt’s for the third overall pick. Having McCown as their short-term starter, allows Darnold to sit and learn from a likeminded quarterback as well as a savvy veteran who could teach him how to fix his turnover issues.

A realistic scenario considering the flaws in talent at QB this year, I could easily see the Browns going with Barkley or Allen at number one and the Giants taking whichever player the Browns don’t at number two. Leaving Darnold to the Jets and looking brilliant for making a move that got them the player they wanted all along.

NFL Comparison: Josh McCown
NFL Ceiling: Phillip Rivers
Ideal landing spot: Jets, Ravens, Browns

Josh Rosen – UCLA
6’3” 226lbs, Hand size: 9 7/8

• Elite footwork and well above average pocket presence
• Experience playing from under center
• Incredibly high IQ & very efficient at disguising plays
• Finesse passer with ability to throw accurate deep ball
• High completion percentage when blitzed
• Incredible accuracy when in a rhythm
• Can throw all over the field
• When he’s feeling it he makes the players around him better

• Big problem avoiding pass rush at times & has slim frame
• Indecisive in pocket vs high pressure defenses
• Doesn’t check down enough when deep ball is not there (hero baller)
• Inconsistent with post snap reads
• Wide stance in pocket severely limits mobility under pressure
• When he’s not feeling it, mistakes happen
• Benefited from playing weak PAC 12 defenses

Analysis: Rosen’s play flat out reminds me of a young Eli Manning. Everything, from the beautifully disguised finesse deep ball for a TD all the way to the dumbfounding sack when pressure comes fast. There’s no question Rosen’s tennis pedigree has his footwork well beyond his peers in this draft class and when combined with high accuracy and IQ.

Most industry experts believe he’s the most starter ready QB in this draft class. Which I agree with, but he must go to a team that can protect him up front and has good position players in place to make his steep learning curve from the PAC12 to the NFL less difficult. Major concern when facing good pass rushes as he doesn’t see free defenders coming until it’s too late and as the game goes on his reactionary instinct can turn awful when reacting late to pressure.

While most believe he’s the most starter ready QB in this draft class, I believe for Rosen to reach his full potential in the NFL he should sit his first year behind a veteran QB as his raw skills as a potential elite NFL player are there, but his slim frame could put him in immediate danger. If his mind is set on being a great NFL player then he will do just that, if it isn’t? His game vs Washington is probably what we will see from him going forward. Absolutely one of my favorite QB’s in this draft but is also very high risk for bust potential.

NFL Comparison: Jay Cutler
NFL Ceiling: Eli Manning
Ideal landing spot: Browns, Giants, Jets, Broncos, Cardinals.

Josh Allen- Wyoming
6’4” 237lbs, Hand size: 10 1/8

• Great scrambling ability
• Powerful arm
• Ridiculous pump fake
• Good pocket presence
• Very illusive
• Plays hard

• Long release, needs to shorten in NFL but can he?
• Throws it like a baseball, making ball sail high or nose dive into dirt often
• Hasn’t proved he can win with his arm when he’s forced to pass
• Weak college competition
• Lots of read option plays in college
• Game vs Iowa causes big concern in his all-around game translating to NFL

Analysis: The more I watch Josh Allen the more I am reminded of Marcus Mariota. Who has very solid arm strength but just runs too damn much. I was not a fan of Mariota going as high as he did in the draft and I am not interested in Allen anywhere close to where he’s being talked about going at either. Who comes off as a poor man’s Mariota, quarterbacks who rely heavily on read option plays to set up the passing game. At least Mariota looks like an NFL QB when throwing the ball, Allen looks more like a starting pitcher than a prospect of American Football.

However, Allen does have a cannon for an arm to combine with elite & illusive scrambling ability. Unfortunately, when teams stop the read option and force Allen to beat defenses through the air, he struggles too adapt, just like Mariota does at times throughout his career. Although if a team can harness Allen’s untapped potential and mold him into a NFL QB, he could have Carson Wentz upside.

NFL Comparison: Marcus Mariota
NFL Ceiling: Ben Roethlisberger
Ideal landing spots: Bills, Browns, Dolphins, Titans

Lamar Jackson- Louisville
6’2” 205lbs, Hand size: 9 1/2

• Short & sweet release
• Solid arm strength on deep ball
• Surveys the field well
• Beautiful touch on lob passes
• Impossible to pursue after he escapes the pocket
• Extremely explosive as a runner
• Amazingly illusive in the pocket
• Took snaps from under center

• Twinkle toes in the pocket
• College system ran too many Read Option run plays
• Takes unnecessary contact
• Poor scrambling accuracy
• Scary slim frame (6’3 200lbs)

Analysis: First and foremost, please just stop with all the Jackson comparisons to Michael Vick because after watching his film, you can clearly see this kid tries to be him, but he isn’t and is going to be a huge injury risk with all the unnecessary contact he takes. Yes, his open field speed and sweet flick of the wrist throwing motion resembles Vick but everything else is completely different. Vick ran the ball like Bo Jackson and threw it like Brett Favre and was a once in a 100-year talent. Jackson, while great in his own right, weighs 205 pounds in pads and isn’t strong enough to break tackles when a defender has a hold on him, not to mention he has more of a finesse deep ball where Vick had a laser cannon.

Although Jackson does have this amazing gazelle like glide in his stride that reminds me allot of former University of Texas super star Vince Young. Clearly, Jackson possesses the same unique deceptive speed burst that rendered a defender’s pursuit angle irrelevant because their long strides in real time speed were impossible to figure out and it regularly makes defenders look slower then they are because of the bad angle they are deceived in taking.

Like Rosen, I think Jackson will need to sit his first year while he comes to the realization that he’s nowhere near Vicks level and only then will he be allowed to find himself as a NFL QB. If his drafted position doesn’t work out he could pull a Tyrell Pryor and switch to receiver with ease.
NFL Comparison: Vince Young
NFL Ceiling: Dak Prescott
Ideal landing spots: Saints, Colts, Seahawks, Ravens

Baker Mayfield- Oklahoma
6’0 215lbs, Hand size: 9 1\4

• Solid footwork & stands tall in the pocket
• Very competitive in nature
• Solid arm to all areas of the field with accuracy
• Good at manipulating secondary with eyes
• Gamer mentality, team mates love him
• Solid impulse reaction
• Very high completion percentage when throwing on the run
• Decorated college QB
• Holds onto the ball way too long in the pocket
• Falters under constant pressure from blitz
• BIG12 quarterback in spread heavy scheme
• Lacks size
• Dances in the backfield trying to make plays
• Limited deep ball

Analysis: Thoroughly enjoyed watching Mayfield from a gamer prospective but their offense at Oklahoma was tough to watch at times. Being a traditional, bland, and boring spread offense and if it wasn’t for Mayfield, I would have lost interest early on. He does allot of things well when it comes to running his team’s offense and his ability to extend plays and throw with accuracy all over the field paid huge dividends in Oklahoma’s success during his career.

However, he had several good players on those teams and seeing how badly they struggled versus a stout defense in University of Houston is one that really stood out to me. Especially regarding how poorly Mayfield played under constant pressure from a talented unit ripe with bruisers and playmakers. Mayfield is undersized and comes from one of the worst college systems at developing NFL QB’s so if he makes it in the pro’s it’s going to be because of his Rudy Ruettiger like heart and gamer mentality.

Those quality traits should keep him on a NFL roster for a while and may have a ceiling like fellow spread offense wizard Case Keenum but the odds say he’s going to fade into the realm of irrelevance like all undersized BIG12 QB’s do.

NFL Comparison: Case Keenum
NFL Ceiling: Kirk Cousins
Ideal landing spot: Browns, Dolphins, Seahawks, Eagles

Mason Rudolph – Oklahoma State
6’4” 225lbs, Hand size: 9 1/8

• Great pocket awareness with smooth feet
• Display’s a calm patience in the pocket letting play develop
• Quick release, can make throws all over the field
• Solid running ability for a QB
• Not afraid to challenge defenses with his throws
• Constantly developing & has improved every year in college
• Makes impulse decision throws without setting his feet
• Didn’t take many snaps under center, mostly from shotgun
• Accuracy drops when forced from the pocket
• Really needs to improve his footwork

Analysis: Rudolph is another QB from a long line of Big 12 quarterbacks that looks good in their respective offenses but hardly translates to the pro game. After breaking down his film, he looks very calm in the pocket and plays with an experienced presence there. However, his impulse reaction after feeling pressure is a legitimate concern after watching some bad decisions with the ball. I get all the Dak Prescott comparisons, but I don’t buy that simply because Dak played against SEC defenses, not BIG 12.

Rudolph’s career in the NFL will probably center around how well he can play as a backup and I could absolutely see him play well as a potential injury replacement QB for a contender.

NFL Comparison: Brandon Weeden
NFL Ceiling: Dak Prescott
Ideal Landing Spots: Patriots, Packers, and Falcons.

Mike White- Western Kentucky
6’4” 225lbs, Hand size: 9 1/2

• Poised in the pocket
• Throws with accuracy
• Former high school pitcher with 90 mph heater
• Very solid as tight window passer
• Excellent deep ball passer when he has the time
• Can make full reads all over the field
• Played behind terrible Oline, responsible for some of his TO’s

• Doesn’t pick up or read blitzes very well
• Not mobile at all
• Takes too many sacks leading to fumbles
• Needs to progress through his check downs better

Analysis: Former high school pitcher with a 9-2 record and .46 ERA, White has an elite arm and should get a shot at back up duties starting out and if he gets in the right system he could ascend into a full fledged starting NFL QB as most of his general mechanics appear to be solid outside of being slow. White must be the tough luck prospect of this draft as he suffered from a porous offensive line which is clear in his 196 drop backs vs pressure total and most among the QB’s mentioned in this article. Adding insult to injury, White’s receivers had by far the most drops (44) in this draft class also. If there’s a rag to riches story in this draft I’m putting my money on White.

He just feels like your typical Bill Belichick work in progress QB that will ball out while filling in for Brady (who he tries to model his game after by the way), only to have the Patriots trade him for a second-round pick because that’s what they do.

Obviously, I believe the Patriots take a chance on him late in the draft but who ever ends up with him likely see’s the same potential I see in him going forward.
NFL Comparison: Nick Foles
NFL Ceiling: Jameis Winston
Ideal landing spot: Patriots


Top NFL Draft Prospects: Wide Receiver Analysis

Outside Receivers

Courtland Sutton – SMU
– 6’4” 218lbs
– Hand size: 9.75
– 40 time: 4.54

Sutton is player who can quietly put up numbers on you if you’re not careful as a defense, something similar to what Alshon Jeffrey does. A guy who’s not the flashy diva type receiver but is a player who just goes out and constantly produces. A couple times last year I watched Sutton live and didn’t even really notice him at first. It wasn’t until the network flashed his game stats on the screen and I remember being like; “What the hell? When did that happen?”, as his stats showed around eight catches for 80 to 100 yards and a touchdown. Really looking forward to seeing what team he goes to as I think he could have high number one receiver upside.

D.J. Moore – Maryland
– 6’00” 210lbs
– Hand size: 9
– 40 time: 4.42

Say hello to our first Steve Smith clone! This guy is explosive like Odell Beckham and sheds would be tacklers like MarShawn Lynch. Okay maybe I’m a little too excited but one thing is for sure and that is DJ Moore is a NFL talent. My only concern is his hand size and how it translates to the NFL, where defenders are the best of the best and strong hands are required to be successful but there is no denying this kid has beast potential!

Equanimeous St. Brown – Notre Dame
– 6’5” 214lbs
– Hand size: 9.75
– 40 time: 4.48

With so few receivers in this class who have enormous size, speed, and above average hands at receiver. St. Brown and Sutton are on an island all by themselves this year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some teams trade up to get either one of them as the draft goes on. Sutton obviously should go in the top twenty and if St. Brown had played with an average QB in college, he would probably be a lock for the top twenty as well. It really all depends on draft flow and how quickly receivers start going off the board to whether or not he gets taken at the end of the first round or not. Realistically, I could see teams in need of a big receiver like Seattle, Indianapolis, Green Bay, or the New York Giants taking a chance on him at some point in the second or third round.

D.J. Chark – LSU

– 6’2” 200lbs
– Hand Size: 9.25

– 40 time: 4.34

Chark got a raw deal at LSU as he dealt with poor QB play and is a player that should go off the board in the first two days of the draft. He has big upside as a complimentary boom or bust deep threat next to a legitimate number one and could possibly evolve into a lead role in the right scheme but with only a small sample size to go off, he’s higher risk.

Jester Weah – Pittsburgh
– 6’2” 210lbs
– Hand size: N/A
– 40 time: 4.43

Weah is probably the most intriguing wide receiver prospect in this draft to me. A guy who didn’t play football in high school, nor did he even catch a pass in his first two years at Pitt. However, he was taught one thing in his last two years of college football and that was to burn corner backs deep. I think with Jester’s size-speed combined with his evolution as a player in the right scheme, he could bust onto the NFL scene in a big way. Although he has to prove that he can continue to evolve at the pro level but he does make for a very attractive option for teams needing a potential deep threat later on in the draft. Considering the Patriots just traded their deep threat to the Rams and the only burner left on the roster, Phillip Dorsett, has faded out of favor with their high demanding head coach, Bill Belichick. Who usually loves taking guys late in drafts that he can coach up to his standard. What better play then Weah who literally hasn’t been playing long enough to even develope a habit, much less a bad one.

Slot receivers

Christian Kirk – Texas A&M
– 5’10” 201 lbs
– Hand size: 9.88
– 40 time: 4.46

Kirk, not Ridley I think will be the better NFL player long term as Kirk reminds me allot of Green Bay Packers slot man Randall Cobb. A player who is explosive with the ball in his hands regardless if it’s on offense or returning kicks and also runs a great route tree. If he goes to the right team, we could see an immediate impact from a fantasy perspective in 2018.

Calvin Ridley – Alabama
– 6’00” 189lbs
– Hand size: 9.25
– 40 time: 4.43

Ridley is a guy I just want to grab by the shirt to smack around a little bit and say what is wrong with you! While there is no denying Ridley’s talent, you must wonder if NFL executives are going to get timid on pulling the trigger when it comes time to drafting him high in the first round. As he clearly is guilty of taking plays off at Alabama, just like how Amare Cooper was heavily criticized when he came out. Only problem is, Ridley doesn’t have the inside out NFL receiver build Cooper has and should be limited to slot duties in the NFL. With so much other talent at WR and the slot position in particular, it really makes you wonder if Calvin will be one of the top players who falls out of the first round on draft day.

Anthony Miller – Memphis
– 5’11” 201lbs
– Hand size: 10
– 40 time: 4.52

Miller had an explosive season for Memphis in 2017 where he lead the Tigers in receiving with 92 receptions for 1,462 yards and 18 touchdowns. One thing that really catches my eye with Miller is the fact that he has 10-inch hands! Living in Houston, I got the luxury to shake the hand of a player that is of similar size to Miller and while I made him look small from an overall size stand point, I was shocked when his hand completely wrapped around mine during the hand shake. That players name was DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans. Since that moment and witnessing what he does on the field with those huge hands and athletic ability, it’s been a priority of mine to never overlook a player like him again. Not saying Miller is the next Hopkins but I do believe the odds are in Miller’s favor at succeeding in the NFL, AT LEAST as a slot receiver.

Dante Pettis- Washington
– 6’00” 190lbs
– Hand size: 9.5
– 40 time: 4.55

Pettis is one of those guys who is difficult to read because he got poor play from his quarterback and had some issues with drops. However, he has displayed flashes of a potential NFL receiver making some sweet catches in his college career and showing great body control on toe tapping sideline grabs that gives you hope. He has that Pierre Garcon build but I think he lacks the killer instinct Garcon has to be a legit number one, but he’s in play as a complimentary role in the right offense.

Top Sleeper Plays

Jake Wieneke- South Dakota State
– 6’4” 221lbs
– Hand size: 9.75
– 40 time: 4.67

Jake has always gone under the radar in his career to date and I think there is a chip on his shoulder, especially when you think about his 59 career touchdowns at South Dakota State. While in high school, he was a finalist for the title of Mr. Football in his home state of Minnesota and after redshirting in 2013, he was the runner-up for the Jerry Rice Award as the Football Championship Subdivision’s top freshman the following year. However, his slow 40 time may suggest a position swap to a hybrid TE mold. One heavy analytics team comes to mind as a legitimate fit for Wieneke, The Philadelphia Eagles, who just so happen to have a vacancy at the position with the departure of Trey Burton to Chicago. Yes, there’s a lot that needs to happen for Jake to make it in the NFL but I am sure there’s going to be one team that takes a chance on him late in the draft and if that chip is real, we haven’t seen the last of him.

Justin Watson- Penn
– 6’2” 210lbs
– Hand size: N/A
– 40 time: 4.49

Absolutely my favorite sleeper pick of this year’s wide receiver class. Watson is a guy whose college dominator stats jump off the page to me, ranking in the top 98th percentile at 60.3 percent. Cooper Kupp, a justifiable comparison to Watson as they both went to small schools, had a 40.4 percent dominator rating. In four years at Penn, because it’s the Ivy league, he only played ten games per season. Watson averaged 94.4 yards receiving per game and a whopping 3.3 touchdowns. He’s as smart as he is explosive and definitely could make a name for himself if given an opportunity with a team who has playing time available at receiver. Considering the NFL draft is a busted system that doesn’t always see the best talent taken in the early rounds, highlight Watson as a guy to keep an eye on and if he lands in the right spot. He could be this year’s Juju Smith-Schuster, who I wrote about last year around this time.

Linell Bonner- Houston
– 6’00” 200lbs
– Hand size:
– 40 time: 4.45

While Bonner’s stats don’t jump off the page at you and is a player that really needs to work on his concentration to be more consistent throughout an entire game he really is talented as a potential slot receiver in the NFL. Getting a mixed bag of really good and bad, at times he can look like an elite level prospect or look very mediocre. Words can’t quite describe what I see in this kid, so I’ll just share the link to his draft breakdown video of Houston’s game against Oklahoma in 2016 and sums up exactly what I’m trying to say. https://youtu.be/LA51az_7DQY

Bold Prediction: Amari Cooper will dominate as lead weapon in Jon Gruden’s offense.

The Oakland Raiders have made what appears to be a very questionable string of moves at wide receiver within just a few days span. After watching Jordy Nelson get released by Green Bay, the Raiders immediately dumped Micheal Crabtree to sign the longtime Packers receiver. Which was met with justifiable criticism by some industry experts. However, I think new head coach Jon Gruden wanted this move for one player and one player only, Amari Cooper.

With the move coming off as an impulse decision as many critics noted Jordy Nelson’s extensive injury history as the red flag and had several around the industry quick to label it an unnecessary risk for a franchise who cannot afford too miss in its personnel decisions. While I do agree with this analysis from a heads up perspective comparing Crabtree too Nelson. I strongly believe most of his critics are missing the bigger picture and what this will do for Amari Cooper’s career going forward.

Gruden clearly wanted to break Derek Carr’s bad habit of eye balling Crabtree on what seemingly felt like every passing play last year, with the exception of a handful of games. Something Gruden himself has been very outspoken on as a color commentator when the Raiders played games he was assigned to commentate. Often questioning the play calling from Oakland coaches for not making Cooper their featured receiver as he’s way more explosive than Crabtree.

Yes, Cooper had a nagging injury that clearly effected his play at times in 2017 but even then, numbers don’t lie. Nine times last season he had 7 or less targets in a single game and in three of those he wasn’t targeted more then twice! Raiders went 2-7.

In games Cooper was targeted eight or more times, which is true number one WR usage in the NFL. Oakland had a 3-2 record with both loses coming against elite secondary’s in the Broncos and Bills. That to me is an all around scheme fail by the coaching staff who rightfully paid for it with their jobs and is something coach Gruden immediately aimed too repair coming in.

I personally love Jon Gruden for fantasy football as he’s ALWAYS been a coach that feeds his studs because he knows they give him the best chance to win games. A simple philosophy more commonly used in the NBA then NFL, Gruden fully embraces great talent and whole heartedly refuses too opress it in his play calls.

With that being said, his coaching style should have every fantasy football league owner salivating at the mouth when it comes to Amari Cooper and his immense upside in this offense. He instantly becomes the teams featured number one receiver with Joey Galloway upside. Who saw 152 and 143 targets after earning that featured role himself in his second and third seasons under Gruden.

To be perfectly clear, I’m not by any means a Jordy Nelson hater. I just think he’s reached a point in his career where injuries have caught up and are preventing him from getting enough separation to be an elite option with average quarterbacks. If you just analyzed Nelson’s production based on his fantasy league scoring splits this past season, one would just immediately assume Brett Hundley was the culprit for Nelson tanking after Rodgers went down.

However, when you compare Davante Adams SPR before and after Rodgers shoulder injury. Adams production was amazingly identical with Hundley at quarterback while Jordy’s plummeted to league lows within that time frame and is a clear sign of negative regression with lesser quarterbacks at this point in his career. Considering Derek Carr’s numbers were more comparable to Hundley’s (and not even close to Rodgers) it’s hard too imagine Nelson any higher then a WR3 this season. Nelson should fare better with Carr then he did in his time with Hundley but I think it’s safe too say that we’ve seen the last of Nelson at the pro bowl.

If Cooper can stay healthy he has a legitimate shot at not only a top five fantasy receiver finish, but a top five finish among all non quarterback positions. Which is why I’m taking Amari Cooper and his 150 target upside as my top bold prediction of must owns at wide receiver for 2018.

2017 NFL Draft: Top rookies for fantasy

With the completion of the NFL draft fresh in the rear-view mirror, several intriguing options have emerged from the NFL’s flagship event in Philadelphia. Lightly scraping the surface, I am going to recommend a few players here to key in on, add them to your favorites to follow their progression through training camp. While some are blatantly obvious, others you may have never heard of until now, so here they are….

All Formats

1. Corey Davis WR, Tennessee Titans

• Davis is potentially lightning in a bottle with the Titans who essentially landed on a team that sports a rising star at quarterback and one of the league’s best offensive lines. He is in a rare position of being one of the only receivers in this draft to potentially snag the top spot on the depth chart to start the season. A player who boasts an NFL level skill set, he has the best odds of achieving what Michael Thomas did last year with the Saints. Buyer be aware, Davis has an extensive injury history and recently missed both his final game in college as well as the NFL combine due to injury.

2. Christian McCaffrey RB, Carolina Panthers

• Panthers brass surprised me with this pick as the defensive minded team usually will go high on defense in their draft approach. However, it was one of my favorite picks this year as current starter Jonathon Stewarts injury plagued career could net heavy playing time for the Heisman Trophy award runner up. McCaffery is like the Incredible Hulk version of Danny Woodhead and is a player that is a perfect fit behind or beside Cam Newton in this offense. With elite pro bowlers Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olson ready for a rebound year. Coach Ron Rivera has added a potentially devastating weapon to his arsenal on offense which should only strengthen further an already explosive group. Although the insanely high usage in college is of concern, leading some to wonder if he can even handle a three down role at the elite NFL level.

3. Kareem Hunt RB, Kansas City Chiefs

• Out of all the talented running backs in this draft class, Hunt is the one who lands in the dream destination for running-backs. Coach Andy Reid is one of the greatest minds currently in the NFL at running the football and adds a very capable option to the Chiefs run first attack on offense, as they attempt to move on from long-time fantasy elite rusher Jamaal Charles. His competition, Spencer Ware, stumbled in the starting role after taking over for the aforementioned Charles, who went down early in the season with yet another devastating knee injury. If Hunt can pick up Reid’s complicated run blocking schemes and fast pace of the NFL he could very well be the Jordan Howard of this year’s rookie rushers.

4. DeShaun Watson QB, Houston Texans

• Watson is arguably the most pro ready QB in this draft, which is not saying much considering this year’s talent pool is widely viewed mediocre at best. However, pairing Watson with DeAndre Hopkins and elusive pass catching back Lamar Miller could make this offense hum with QB guru head coach Bill O’Brien molding the proven winner into a solid NFL quarter-back. A bonus, the league’s top defense backs this offense and gets a huge boost as megastar pass rusher JJ Watt projects to return fully healthy from his season ending back injury. Essentially relieving the traditional pressures felt by top rookie quarterbacks who typically are charged with suffering through major growing pains of rebuilding franchises. Yes, Tom Savage has been given the keys to the Texans offense going into training camp but with his checkered injury history on the table my money is on surely on Watson. Although Houston has legitimate concerns with their offensive line and playing time is no guarantee in year one, Watson should be drafted in all keeper based formats for his long-term upside in this offense.

PPR League Formats

1. Joe Mixon RB, Cincinnati Bengals

• With Geovani Bernard still recovering from a devastating knee injury the Bengals decided to take out an insurance policy on him, and possibly, even replacing the injury plagued rusher completely when they drafted pass catching specialist back Joe Mixon out of Oklahoma. A player who did almost all his damage in the passing game, he feels like the Andre Ellington of this draft class and will be a guy the Bengals will attempt to mold into a three down back but his immediate impact obviously will be in PPR formats.

2. Mike Williams WR, Los Angeles Chargers

• Lots of mouths to feed in this Chargers offense with Keenan Allen set to make another cameo appearance in 2017. However, Williams has elite NFL wide receiver upside and the Chargers desperately need a healthy receiver going forward. They have addressed their offensive line issues from last year which should allow Rivers to do his thing in the passing game. More than likely he will be brought along slowly with so many talented receivers ahead of him, no need to rush unless injuries occur. Although if he performs well I could see him beating out Dontrelle Inman for the teams third receiver position by mid-season.

3. Evan Engram TE, New York Giants

• Coach McAdoo must be pleased with adding a talented playmaker to his tight end position, one that routinely has been a mediocre nightmare during his tenure. With Brandon Marshall and Odell Beckham Jr. lining up outside, it will be very interesting to see how the Giants offense uses Sterling Shepherd with Evans, especially when considering the rookie tight end is only 220 pounds and is built more like a wide receiver than a tight end. If he can pick up the Giants scheme quickly, Evans could be a matchup nightmare for defenses already focused on trying to slow down Odell Beckham Jr & Company on the outside. Which makes Evans a solid Dynasty draft selection as well.

Standard & Touchdown Dependent Formats

1. Leonard Fournette RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

• There’s no denying the dominance displayed by Fournette his freshman year at LSU, which was jaw dropping to say the least. However, 2016 told an immensely different story about the Jaguars new running back. Raising a red flag as his stock literally soared and fell with his offensive line’s production in college. Behind a weaker offensive line as a sophomore, Fournette suddenly became timid in his runs out of the back field and revealed an inability to elude breakdowns in blocking at the line of scrimmage, clearly explaining why he was demoted to second string. Jacksonville took a huge gamble on him with their fourth overall pick considering their o-line is one of the more dysfunctional units in the league. However, with turnover prone QB Blake Bortles at the helm, I would imagine the Jags will try to limit his red zone turnovers by feeding Fournette near the goal line.

2. Dalvin Cook RB, Minnesota Vikings

• Cook would be a lock for my All Formats top players section if he had gone to a team with a better offensive line and less competition at the running-back position. However, he landed right in the middle of a full-blown post Adrian Peterson makeover. One that includes former Oakland Raiders bruiser Latavious Murray and Minnesota mainstay Jerick McKinnon. On paper, Murray appears to be the proverbial punching bag to start the season but he has a major uphill battle against him as he will have to transition from running behind the best offensive line in football in Oakland, to running behind one of the league’s worst units in 2016. Minnesota did sign some free agent o-linemen in the offseason which, in theory, should allow a noticeable improvement from last year. Although my guess is the Vikings will take a similar approach to how the Tennessee Titans used DeMarco Murray and Derick Henry.

3. David Njoku TE, Cleveland Browns

• Njoku appears to be the more complete tight-end in this draft class and, in my opinion, has the highest upside of the rookies at the position from a total snaps basis year one. Head coach Hue Jackson has a history of feeding capable tight-ends in his offense, evident in his time as offensive coordinator in Cincinnati as he routinely fed Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert to great success. However, the massive elephant in the room with Cleveland is, how good or bad will the quarter-back play be in 2017?

4. John Ross WR, Cincinnati Bengals

• Another solid pick for the Bengals, a team still desperate to fill the limited targets behind pro bowler A.J. Green. Sophomore receiver Tyler Boyd flashed at times in his rookie season but failed to run away with the job as he left the door open for veteran receiver Brandon LaFell, who seized the other outside receiver spot opposite of Green and pushed Boyd inside to man the slot position. Cincinnati clearly took the best player available of need as Ross broke Chris Johnsons 40-time record at the combine with his blazing speed. One could argue that in this run heavy to set up passing plays to Eifert and Green offense, he is too much of a risk for most formats. However, in touchdown based league settings those 3-5 passes per game out of the slot against nickel corners should be more than enough opportunity for Ross’s explosive skill set and should be a threat to break a big touchdown on any given Sunday.

Dynasty Leagues

1. Solomon Thomas DE, San Francisco 49ers

• First year 49ers GM and former player, John Lynch, absolutely took Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace to the woodshed in their draft day deal that saw San Francisco essentially get paid a king’s ransom to draft the player they wanted all along. Thomas is an absolute game wrecker who can pay immediate dividends playing next to sophomore team mate DeForrest Buckner, who was very solid down the stretch in his rookie campaign. Just the thought of these two bull dozers terrorizing the weak NFC West offensive lines for the near future should have Dynasty owners licking their chops on draft day.

2. Damonte Kazee CB/S, Atlanta Falcons

• Very interesting pick here with the team selecting another hybrid safety considering Keanu Neal was selected by the Falcons in last years draft. However, Atlanta has some serious holes in this defense and It appears the initial plan here is to upgrade the Falcons horrible nickel back position. As incumbent starter, Brian Poole, was one of the top ten cornerbacks in the category for yards per coverage snap surrendered last year per profootballfocus.com. Amazingly enough, Poole was still the second highest rated corner on the Falcons roster. Like Neal, Kazee will get every opportunity to play as a rookie for a defense expected to have a solid pass rush.

3. Krishawn Hogan WR, Arizona Cardinals

• Undrafted free agent wide receiver out of Mariana, Hogan is your typical troubled player who falls to the bottom of college football but has a skill set that could have played with the big dogs. Given the circumstances, he is a long shot to replace Larry Fitzgerald’s pending retirement but at the very least he is a big athletic body who can occupy the role Michael Floyd once held in this offense as the Cardinals have a serious issue with size at receiver outside of Fitzgerald. He should get a solid look from the coaching staff entering training camp for that reason. If he gains the trust of these old school coaches, we could see a meteoric rise from a guy with loads of confidence who has A LOT to prove.

4. Juju Smith-Schuster WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

• I have never been the type of person to completely rely on knuckleheads returning from being knuckleheads. With Martavis Bryant on a similar path as the once elite Josh Gordon, a briefly elite receiver whose career derailed as he can’t keep his head out of the clouds, pun intended. In comes JSS, who will have every opportunity to separate himself from the tainted shadows of Bryant if he continues to struggle with his issues and could end up being a very nice sleeper stash in PPR formats with big Ben’s elite ability at spreading the ball around in mind. However, he is an aging QB who could be one injury away from retirement but taking JSS could pay off for the dynasty owner that has Roethlisberger and not Antonio Brown in the upcoming season, at the very least.

5. Joe Williams RB, San Francisco

• Williams is a player who was handpicked by rookie head coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch. Before leaving Atlanta, we saw Shanahan draft Tevin Coleman his first year as offensive coordinator there and the plan was for Coleman to assume majority control of running back duties. However, Coleman’s injury history and Devonta Freeman’s sheer will to retain a role in the offense altered the original trajectory slightly, forcing a committee. In San Francisco, Carlos Hyde is absolutely no Freeman and who is one of the most injury prone rushers of the last four years in the NFL. With Williams’ talent, a guy who runs so patiently behind his blockers waiting to hit the hole with explosive ability and has that breakaway speed to boot. Keep a watchful eye on what goes down in San Francisco before week one kicks off as this guy could easily go from relative unknown to house hold name in a few short weeks, just like Foster did.

6. Alvin Kamara RB, New Orleans

Love this spot for Kamara but I don’t love that he is projected to go into the season as a possible 3rd string RB. However, Kamara has the skills unseat both these guys if he adapts mentally to the NFL game. In my opinion, he has THE highest upside long term of all the RB’s ahead of him if he gets heavy usage.

NFL Draft- Top prospects watch.

While the 2017 draft is widely being considered in many circles as a mediocre class, there are still some very intriguing options available to choose from if they land with the right team. Lets take a quick look at a few top prospects to watch for in the upcoming draft…..


Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina


  • Solid arm for deep ball.
  • Reads plays well at the line of scrimmage.
  • Accurate passer to all sections of the field.
  • Can make plays with his feet.


  • Most of his passes came from shotgun, not under center.
  • Needs to work on footwork and feeling pressure in the pocket.

NFL comparison- Carson Wentz


With his mechanical issues surrounding foot work and lack of experience in taking snaps under center he is a prime candidate to sit his first year. There is an old school coach in Tom Coughlin down in Jacksonville that could take the promising young talent in the top five considering he does have one of the highest upsides in this QB draft class. Making him one of my top choices in Dynasty League formats.

DeShaun Waston, Clemson


  • Tough to bring down in the pocket
  • Can Make plays with his feet
  • Great lob passer inside the 20’s and can throw deep.


  • Can run too much at times
  • Benefited from elite college WR’s making tough plays on off point passes at times.

NFL comparison- Russell Wilson

Analysis: DeShaun Watson is my favorite QB of this draft and is probably the most pro ready first year starter in this draft class. With his “gamer” mentality and strong play through out his career at Clemson that was exclamation pointed with an epic come from behind victory in the National Championship game against powerhouse Alabama. I find it very hard to believe that he will make it past the Browns second first round pick at 12 and becomes the immediate day one starter for coach Hue Jackson, IE Andy Dalton. The thought of Watson to Coleman for the next 5-10 years should absolutely terrify their AFC North rivals and Should be a solid late round QB option in most fantasy formats. Don’t screw this up Cleveland!

Patrick Malhomes, Texas Tech


  • Amazing arm talent
  • Great pocket presence and reads defenses well.
  • Playmaker


  • Steep learning curve coming from Texas Tech spread offense.
  • Needs to learn to be patient in the pocket.

NFL Comparison- Drew Brees

Analysis: There is no question that Malhomes is the quarterback with the highest ceiling in this draft class. Although will endure a steep learning curve that most Texas Tech QB’s don’t survive in the NFL due to their college friendly spread offense. He is primed to ride the pine in year one. However, if he falls in the draft to the end of the first round, a realistic scenario, going to the Texans at 24. It would immediately make him one of your top targets in keeper leagues as this kids game reminds me A LOT of gun slinger hall of famer Brett Favre.


Dalvin Cook, Florida State


  • Hits the hole hard
  • Great field vision
  • Very elusive


  • Not good for pass catching
  • Fumbles a lot

NFL Comparison- Devonta Freeman

Analysis: Very explosive RB that has day one starter potential. Although he will need to resolve his fumbling issues and develop quickly as a pass catcher to have any shot at three down duties in year one. Most likely he will go to a team that has a solid pass catcher at running back to compliment Cooks explosive out of the backfield ability. Depending on which way Jacksonville and New York sways with their picks, Cook could end up right in the laps of the Carolina Panthers at number 8 and would immediately become the most sought after rookie in all fantasy league formats.

Leonard Fournette, LSU


  • Punishing runner
  • Elite agility in the open field


  • Impatient zone rusher.
  • Unable to make plays when offensive line fails to block.
  • Bad at catching passes out of the backfield.

NFL Comparison- Melvin Gordon

Analysis: Whoever gambles on Fournette in the first round will assuredly have one of the better offensive lines in the NFL as it was clear the 2016 LSU o-line was far worse than the 2015 version, his break out campaign. Also in 2016, we noticed quite a bit of indecisiveness in Fournettes play, the combination ended up bumping him to second string and a HUGE question mark tag as a potential top five talent. From a fantasy perspective, whichever team takes a chance on Fournette in the draft better have a solid o-line before even considering him for your fantasy team, if they don’t you’ll just be wasting your time.

Joe Mixon, Oklahoma


  • Elite pass catching ability out of the backfield.
  • Running style allows him to gain yards after contact.
  • Elusive in open field.


  • Lacks break away speed.
  • Hardly any use in pass protection.

NFL comparison: Andre Ellington

Analysis: No question Joe Mixon is a guy who can have a successful NFL career with his ability in the open field. Although there are several concerns if he can fulfill common running back duties like pass protect, as he was used more as a wide receiver than a typical running back. Unless something magical happens in training camp with the team that drafts him Mixon’s future in the NFL is trending towards 3rd down back, switch to slot receiver, or punt/kick returner. Making him viable to PPR formats.

Christian McCaffery, Stanford


  • Elite presence of defenders
  • Ultimate utility player, can catch passes with high success, and solid running ability out of the back field.


  • Not a traditional NFL style running back, durability may be an issue.

NFL comparison- Rex Burkhead

Analysis: McCaffery is a very special player who will be picked up by someone looking to utilize his skill set. The first team that comes to my mind is the Philadelphia Eagles, with Andy Reid disciple Doug Pederson at the helm and would bet money they are taking him if he falls to them with the 14th pick. McCaffery is so versatile he would be in play in all fantasy league formats.

Alvin Kamara, Tennessee


  • Has that elite “slinky” ability to stay on his feet
  • Great one cut and go runner with agility to make defenders miss in the open field


  • Lacks breakaway speed

NFL comparison- Arian Foster

Analysis: When I watched film on Kamara the first player that came to mind was former UT alumni Arian Foster. The way he squeaks through holes, deceptive speed, and open field agility make him one of the more interesting prospects in this draft. If it all comes together in the NFL this kid has a very bright future ahead of him. I am marking him up as one of my top rookie selections in fantasy drafts this year because this guy could be lightning in a bottle.

D’onta Foreman, Texas


  • Deceptive breakaway speed
  • Very patient in waiting for the play to develop
  • Solid one cut ability


  • Can be too patient hitting holes out of the backfield

NFL Comparison- Demarco Murray

Analysis: Foreman is a guy who does not get enough credit in my opinion as he is no where near flashy. I like to call him the Tim Duncan of college football, a guy who is so basic and uninteresting to watch when you compare him to the ritz and glam of this running back class but also makes big plays at the same time. He is on my radar as a possible sleeper this year in fantasy depending on where he goes in the draft.


Mike Williams, Clemson


  • Elite hands
  • Physical receiver who can beat double teams


  • Lacks concentration and focus at times.
  • Suffered season ending neck injury in 2015

NFL comparison- Kelvin Benjamin

Analysis: While Williams is not as explosive as Kelvin Benjamin he reminds me a lot of the 6’5 Carolina Panthers receiver in the sense that he have these brain farts, as I like to call them, dropping a catch I could make sitting on my couch at home while eating a bag of cheetos. Then completely redeem himself by making a simply stupid one handed falling out of bounds while fully extended toe tapping catch on the side lines to fully redeem himself. If you’re an owner who loves the dramatics, feel free to jump on the Mike Williams merry go round.

Corey Davis, Western Michigan


  • Absolute play maker
  • Elite catching ability and route running


  • Played against other small D-1 schools, will game translate to the NFL?
  • Rumors of being a serious injury risk, as he’s had his fill in college.

NFL Comparison- Antonio Brown

Analysis: Yeah, yeah, I get it! Antonio Brown? Yes, when this guy is healthy he makes plays literally all over the field and moves very similarly to A.B.84. His stop on a dime, change of direction speed and agility are definitely elite. However, his main concern at this point though is will he be drafted and never play a game because of injury? Very high ceiling but also has the most risk of probably any other player in this draft outside of Leonard Fournette.

John Ross, Washington


  • World class speed and agility
  • Catches the deep ball well


  • Like all speedsters, durability in the NFL could be an issue

NFL Comparison- Ted Ginn Jr

Analysis: Talk about lighting in a bottle! Ross is the receiver I really like the most from a deep ball prospective A guy who’s 40 time broke Chris Johnson’s fastest 40 time at 4.22 at the combine a few months ago. Although he could just be another Tedd Ginn Jr, he could also be the total package. However, he is a smaller guy so injury concerns are always a worry with guys like this but I think he’s worth the risk in all formats.

Juju Smith-Schuster, USC


  • Deceptive speed and great route runner
  • Elite hands and can play in the slot or outside


  • Can sometimes not be on the same page with his QB resulting in bad incompletions or interceptions.

NFL Comparison- Stefon Diggs

Analysis: Love his talent on the right team. Very versatile receiver who’s had some injury concerns but is a player who could end up being the steal of this draft.


OJ Howard, Alabama


  • Good receiver
  • Solid hands
  • Can lineup outside


  • Has a wide receivers body and lacks strength at point of of contact
  • Horrible blocker in pass protection.

NFL comparison- Devon Funchess

Analysis: While Howard is leaps and bounds more talented than Funchess from an athletic ability standpoint. He does issue some concern as one of the bigger question marks when it comes to tight ends in 2017. He is not a good pass blocker, has limited play in the receiving game at Alabama that notoriously grounds and pounds its opponents. Whatever team takes him will most likely use him in passing situations only until his blocking game improves, which may not ever improve. In fantasy you are looking a TE/WR that could have a role as a situational receiver who gets run inside the 20’s. Making him an attractive gamble in more touchdown dependent leagues.

David Njoku, Miami


  • Absolute playmaker at tight end position
  • Deceptive speed


  • Needs to be drafted by the right NFL team.

NFL comparison- Julius Thomas

Analysis: Njoku is my pick for most complete TE in this draft. He has NFL size, blocks well, and can catch balls 20+ yards down field. At Miami he showed flashes of brilliance at times where he was wide open thirty yards down field and no one within 10-15 yards of him. Reaffirming you of his deceptive speed and solid route running for a big tight end. If he can stay healthy this young man has a bright future ahead of him in the NFL if he goes to the right team. From a fantasy perspective he has the potential to be on the field the most in year one as NFL rookie tight ends generally have major struggles picking up NFL blocking schemes.

Evan Engram, Ole Miss


  • Explosive
  • Elite hands


  • Has a wide receivers body.
  • Lacks focus and concentration.

NFL Comparison- Jordan Reed

Analysis: At 6’3 227lbs he is just simply too small to be your typical NFL tight end. Will more than likely be used in the slot if he cannot successfully add 20-25 lbs without sacrificing his agility/speed. Although he does have Jordan Reed upside with out the injury risk if he ever gets his concentration lapses in check as a pro. If a team like the Texans at 24 opt out of taking Patrick Malhomes for a guy Evans, he would be absolutely explosive to watch in Bill O’Brien offense that currently disguises three blocking tight ends as pass catchers.

Juggernauts top 10 on Fantasy Pros ECR rankings for week 14.

As Shaun Bott and Joey Palazzolo relentlessly compete against the top experts in fantasy football with a possible place at the table in Fantasypros.com expert consensus on the line. Grinding against experts assembled from across the industry on their consensus rankings system specifically designed to see who the most accurate in the world  are on a week to week basis. Pitting 120 plus nation wide panel of experts against each other for industry supremacy. Our experts placed in the top ten for week fourteen and both had some very notable achievements this week…

Joey Palazzolo


First up, the higher ranked Joey Palazzolo who finished week 14 on fire and ended up placing fourth overall out of 120+ experts world wide. Joey absolutely crushed wide receiver this week and only one other expert finished higher in the rankings then he did. However, his most brilliant play was being one of only eight experts not to take a minus 36 on David Johnson this week, against a Miami defense that was getting drilled by running backs leading up to that contest and was the defining move that turned a top ten finish into a top five week.  


 While netting only two top accuracy titles for Tyler Boyd and Rashad Jennings, Joey didn’t quite receive the fame he was owed for his fourth place overall ranking as he tied on several other players for top accuracy with other experts, essentially sharing titles on several other players for top expert. Overall, his fourth place overall and second place wide receiver finish are both in season high’s for the Juggernauts.

Shaun Bott

Shaun finished in 9th for the week and, if not for leaving Julio Jones and Michael Thomas high in his rankings before rankings locked at the start of Sundays noon contests, he would have been a lot higher up in the final standings and to his defense, unlike the other experts we have day jobs we have to go too, Shwe do this because we love it.

shauntop10Even with the Jones and Thomas blunders, Shaun still managed to finish in 4th place at the WR position as he nailed top expert on a ridiculous five wide receivers this week essentially calling the production of Taylor Gabriel, Pierre Garcon, and Anquan Bolden, while also being the expert who had Larry Fitzgerald and Kelvin Benjamin the lowest in his rankings, essentially predicting their busts to the T, one could only imagine where he would have finished if he had adjusted Jones and Thomas before noon’s kickoff. shauntop10pos1

Although that was not even his best position group at wide receiver, he completely crushed the QB rankings for week 14 and if not for having too much Confidence in Sam Bradford, he would could have easily been number one this week.

@FFJuggernauts is here to stay, add us to your friends and message us for advice any time as we are people like you, who are competitive and love fantasy football. We give you our straight up advice…. http://www.fantasyfootballjuggernauts.com


Week 10 Waiver adds

Jay Cutler CHI

Da Bears have probably the easiest schedule of any quarterback down the stretch versus the pass with Tampa Bay up this weekend to start. Cutler is notoriously known as a player who flourishes in great matchups and flounders in average and tough matchups. If you are an owner that is concerned about your current QB’s schedule down the stretch, take a flyer on Cutler and try to swing a trade with the owner of Alshon Jeffery if you don’t already have him.

Case Keenum LA-

Case is merely a streamer option for week 10 as the Rams schedule is Bi-polar, to say the least, to finish the season. If you are in need of a fill in quarterback this week, his Week ten matchup versus the Jets is a gem. Although they do travel cross country to play in The Meadowlands so expectations should be tempered but, against this defense I am reminded of his big game on the road against the Lions earlier this year.

Kapri Bibbs DEN-

Coach Kubiaks frustrations with his rookie rusher, Devonte Booker, has reached a point where he has publicly stated that Bibbs will see an increased work load. As his performance showed Sunday night against the Raiders, he has very explosive stuff and could be huge down the stretch as the Broncos are in a division that is loaded with terrible run defenses.

Chris Ivory/TJ Yeldon JAX-

With the Jaguars new offense on display Sunday in Kansas City. You can certainly see that they are taking a more balanced approach, getting running backs involved and also short to mid range passing schemes.

Kenneth Farrow SD-

With the amount of work Melvin Gordon has put in with his awesome sophomore season, the signs of that workload could rear its ugly head sooner rather than later. IF you are an owner with Gordon on your roster, Farrow has seemingly secured the spot of Gordons handcuff. With Dexter McCluster now on IR and a non threat for receiving snaps, he could be a very hot commodity should Gordon miss any time due to injury or a work load reduction if the Chargers are eliminated from playoff contention.

JJ Nelson ARI

Nelson has emerged as the second the receiver in Arizonas offense and is now starting opposite Larry Fitzgerald. Now there is always the threat of Quarterback favorite John Brown regaining his form of last season to take his spot back, but as of now, Nelson is a guy who you can add immediately if you are in need of wide receiver help for the foreseeable future.

Rishard Matthews TEN

Matthews has taken over the number WR role in an offense that has a very generious schedule versus the position going forward. Mariota is proving to be capable of running an NFL offense, even though he still makes huge mistakes that continue to cost his team victories. That bodes well for Matthews who showed flashes of brilliance in Miami before signing with Tennessee in the offseason and should be a matchup dependent add start going forward.

Marqise Lee JAX

With Jacksonville’s offense continuing to struggle under Blake Bortles, Lee has a huge opportunity in place under new offensive coordinators more balanced approach that will also increase the value of the Jaguars running backs.